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The Bangor Roadtrip

It’s Bangor week for Oxford Hills. Ah, Bangor. It’s the drive that can make some teams, broadcasters, media, and coaches go nuts. Some like the long quiet stretches of moose swamps. Others try to nap for two hours and get it over with. My goal each time I get to Bangor is to get there […]

HSFB Week 3: No one knows anything yet

I thought I was a genius after week one picking games with the BDN. 19-1 (even though my one lost by 80-something points, but hey, whatever). I was picturing the parade that was going to be thrown for me and the private party at the Cross Insurance Center celebrating my genius. Then week two happened. […]

Pouring ice on your “Ice Bucket Challenge” complaints

A little break from the normal here on “Off the Mic” this week. Got a chance to catch up with former UMaine football player and state championship-winning quarterback Jackson Taylor of Windham this weekend (sorry for the memories, Bangor fans). Part two of this interview (the football and high school athlete portion) will run later […]